Mmsp china 2011 learning days There are two directors on the program tim lyons myself, kristy horne, together we coordinated the intense two day learning sessions for the group. This year the group consists of 14 fantastic students.We have a mix of 8 post graduate and 6 undergraduate students.One of our pg students felicity who is concluding her studies with the mmsp china as her final ever unit here at monash and also one of our students is coming from dubai to participate in the program! Day one of the program consists of a recap and briefing of the program ahead, and also for the team to Tiffany Sale reacquaint themselves.The afternoon session of day one we did some research topic brainstorming to get the team to think about what they might like to focus their research topic on.Tim was able to get everyone thinking about what would be an interesting topic, whether it was in the luxury market or sustainability or branding.Time was also spent on understanding how to structure the assignment and also how to prepare the proposal. Day two of the learning days, we had a presentation by tim on a range of interesting topics such as;Working in china, language issues, culture and cultural adjustment.Although we have some chinese students in the program i can say everyone was really interested in tim's presentation and we all definitely learnt a lot from this.The second part of tim's presentation was a snapshot of china and its history, including the economic and a wide range of business statistics that i found just fascinating, for example, china has 1.4 billion people and their population has doubled in fifty years! We were also briefed the companies and the countries / provinces we will be visiting throughout the program.This mmsp program is seriously loaded with fantastic company presentations and in world's best marketing companies, not to mention visiting the great wall of low price china and also the forbidden city in beijing. With the two learning days over and the assignment topics all figured out, everyone was tired but excited too, now we have the countdown until the departure on the 2nd july, it will be a fantastic trip and an opportunity of a lifetime, i cannot this you may like wait.