Driver in naked joyride gets 6 months in jail Lancaster county, ne a naked joyride and a third dui send a 33yearold man to jail for six months.A judge also told nickolus borgman wednesday he's on probation for five years, loses his license for 15 years and owes $1, 000 in fines. Borgman's legal problems all started when a lancaster county deputy found two men and Wedding Party Dresses two women in a parked pickup in february of 2011.But he didn't find any clothes. The deputy was on a call to check a"Suspicious"Vehicle.He found the naked joyriders instead.It was 2:25 in the morning and the driver had a"Strong odor of alcohol"Along with bloodshot eyes. In the bed of the pickup:A busch light beer box with some empty cans. The driverborgmaneventually pleaded no contest great deals on Prom Dresses to a third dui. At the time of his arrest, borgman was also cited for Evening Dresses UK no seatbelt, having an open container, and an"Overloaded"Front seat but those charges were dismissed.