Lens advice for a nikon d70 Pandora Charms UK Sale Lens advice for a nikon d70 Nikon's 18 70 dx"Kit zoom contact contact"That includes the d70 package is a steal at $300 more.It covers a brilliant range(27 105mm equiv after crop basis)At decent(Not fabulous)Sharpness and fairly manageable aperture range, good building, with some moderate barrel frame distortions on the wide end and minor pincushion on the tele end.In terms of affordability and versatility, this question my vote.Fyi, adorama is selling the 18 70 alone for $600 removed body. The full list of your best non third party normal zoom selections for the d70 are: 17 35:Finest quality choice, full frame phone coverage, very well regarded as an ultrawide zoom for its sharpness and low distortion(Far better canon's offerings in the same range), Express(F/2.8) 17 55 DX:Large vast array, new lens so no solid customer base on it yet, no full frame cover, awesome(F/2.8) 12 24 DX:Largest zoom(18 36mm equiv)When it comes to"Hefty"Vistas, no full frame policies, slow-Moving(F/4), Expensive compared to Sigma's 12 24mm equal(That full frame, unlike the nikon showing) 24 120 VR:Loads of Pandora Rings UK cash sharp, but large zoom diversity(Though loads of cash wide at 36mm equiv)And simply vr(Rumbling reduction, similar to canon's image leveling to stabilize images at lower light)Makes it common as a"Walkabout" 24 85:No longer that sharp or wide and no vr, but surprisingly good as a lighter and cheaper walkabout secret to the 24 120 vr(Or as a thoughtful"Dearest lens") 50/1.8 anj:It doesn't matter what else you choose, fully grasp this prime for low light and portraitures(Cursory dof).Is actually fast, cut-Rate, and tight(Sharper than canon's comparable version) Hope which enables you.These lenses cost about $100 to $1000+, so check prices carefully when doing side by side somparisons.Take it easy! Wrote by dashiv at 3:02 AM on the subject of April 1, 2004 It seems as though that lens is equivalent to a 25.5 52.5mm lens in 35mm file formatting.Ideal for architectural and landscape photography.It is at http://www.tiscalli.co.uk/ the lower limit of what is generally appropriate for portrait photography. Seeing dashiv's remarks on preview, i am reminded that i the particular lens"Transfer" (Being able to gather light)To the extent that anything in lens purchases.Seeing those likening makes me gravitate toward the 17 35mm.