Exercise is the http://www.fcsc.co.uk/special-occasion-dresses/party-dresses.html key It can be such a frustrating thing when you just can't remember the simplest of things.Do you forget your mum's birthday, or your wedding anniversary.Do you struggle to remember a book just a short time after reading it?Well this article is for you!You can begin improving memory simply by exercise.Just like the rest of your body requires exercise, the same is true for your brain, it's a muscle and requires exercise in order to be strong and agile. We were all born with an amazing ability to absorb Graduation Dresses UK information and learn and develop.We used a larger portion of our brain capacity, yet over the years we've trained our brains to think less, to use less of it's capacity and we've basically become lazy.With some exercising though, we can strengthen our nueral pathways, think more clearly and retain more information.And there are tools available to you right now that can teach you how to access the long unused portions of your brain(No offense)And tap into the ability that is within you.That ability to see some thing, commit it to your memory and recall the information with amazing accuracy. Below are just 6 simple steps that you can start now to begin improving memory.Commit to doing these every day and your brain will benefit from the exercise.1.Focus it's very difficult to remember something if you've not been paying attention.Where possible, remove distractions while you are trying to remember something important.Try going to a quiet place to read and turn your phone, email and other interruptions off while you study.2.Use your learning style to gather information.Do you learn best by reading, listening or by doing?Find out what suits you best and use this when taking in information that you want to Cheap Prom Dresses retain.3.Use as many of your senses as possible.If you see, hear and feel information it gives your brain more to work with. 4.Try and connect new data to information you already have in your brain.For example, connect a person's name to a color.5.Be organized with your information.Use tools available to you, like a diary, address book or notebook.And finally, number 6 is the most important.Keep a positive attitude.This gives your brain the expectation of success. You will find that with improving memory also comes a host of other benefits.These include being able to read and absorb information quicker, being able to retain that information and recall it accurately when you need it.You may also notice that you are eager to learn new things and appreciate other areas in your life such as art, music and literature.But for whatever reason you embark on improving memory, exercise is your first step to get there.