Mythic low price gaming Hey.I'm hoping this site will become a repository for stories, images, etc.For click here to see more info about bracelet charms our gaming escapades here at ngd incorporated.Hopefully, all of the gaming group will join this and start adding stuff. The idea is to save all the cool stuff that is generated by this fantastically awesome gaming group, and to possibly promote the group, coordinate gaming sessions, etc. List of mythically awesome gamers: Darel finkbeiner Christine finkbeiner Tiffany vandermark Dustin rye Kasey pink ranger Cole tucker Tiffany Jewellery UK Gannon ross Brandon vandermark Chris vandermark Please follow the link for your name and create a page, insert a picture of yerself, and a couple of sentences. (If you add your name to the bottom, put the brackets around it the way the other names are so that it will create a link to a new page…)