A young boy with brain cancer Cheap Nike Blazers UK video mowi2 In to jeanette vincent and i am mother to jordan vincent.And jordan has a cancer that is covering her brain and going down her vertebrate.Their early symptoms were severe headache which led to double vision.And it was a headache that she'd wake up from a nap screaming from the pain and she couldn't keep anything down, such as tylenol to try and help the headache.And we knew when the double vision came on that there was just something wasn't normal and it wasn't just what they thought that wasthat's a sinus infection.We knew that it was something more.When we were told the identification was cancer, it's hard to say that it was a good thing but at least we knew now what we were handling.For the 18 months up compared fot it, we just didn't nicely what was causing her problems and her symptoms.So in that sense it was okay now we can move forward, we can progress 'cause we know what we're dealing with.Her first procedures were quite easy.It was at your home, oral based medication that we mixed in her apple sauce and put also cinnamon and sugar to cover the flavour.The next phase of treatment was all intravenous and she was on two different drug treatments.One of them she had severe unwanted unwanted from, tough neurotoxicity, and she ended up in a wheelchair for many months, can not walk at all.So they've stopped that one drug and continued with additional one that she was on.And they continued on that drug for quite a while and every several months she does mris so that they can gauge the potency of the drugs and when they see that it isn't having any more effect then they switch.So now she is on her fifth radiation treatment drug.My support group is mainly our neighbors.I contact them when i need to.You place a group at children's hospital that deals specifically with brain tumors.It's a good support and you meet other parents who are dealing with not just kids with cancer but specifically with brain tumors.I do go online a lot to look for other websites and just read different stories, many assorted people's stories that's good outlet for me.She is on a certain number of medications so that is actually the first thing we do is get her medications done.And getting her into the right mindset for that day depending on what the day is.I play the role of have a normal, as normal a life as i can, just as i do for her so that when we're in when ever, when we're at a healthcare facility then i'm dealing with it.But if i'm not there, i'm trying not to treat it.Everyday is a new Nike Shox R4 Womens day and you will be amazed at how strong your child can be and the things that they come up with and ways that they can move on and it's just amazing to watch that and in order to be able to appreciate it, you have to strong yourself and realize that every new day has possibilities.It should not be used as a substitute for medical-Related advice, diagnosis or techniques.Livestrong is a enlisted trademark of the livestrong foundation.Aside from that, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site many of the postings are served by third party advertising companies.